Saturday, January 1, 2011

Word throw down # 3

Happy New Year everyone! I can't possibly have a word throw down on New Years Day that doesn't have something to do with my New Years Resolution. So here goes.

Write a quick bit about your resolution and to make it even more fun, make it a brief poem that leaves us guessing as to what your resolution is. Yep, it's an old fashioned riddle poem. Have fun! If you take on the challenge be sure to post the answer to your riddle at the bottom and your resolution!

I am naturally born from a tiny acorn
under controlled nursery conditions.
At 25 I reach my prime
and I am hugged by man.
The careful touch of the highly trained
strips my outer sheath, no pain,
but a brief debilitation.
I begin to flourish again underneath.
Regrowth comes on strong
and they're gone for 9 years.
Those parts of me gone
will rest with your wine
or hold your brief notes
all tacked in a line.

What am I?

A CORK TREE - Happy New Year!

My resolution is to put up a new cork board in my home that holds my goals and my dreams. It will be in a place where I can glance at it every day to be reminded of the small things I can to do each day to lead to the greater goal. Here's the first note that I'll tack to the board - my values statement.

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