Friday, December 31, 2010

The Edgy Philosopher

What would you do if you challenged anyone, anywhere to write a word throwdown and it was slightly edgy and provocative, but exciting and fresh? You'd post it for all to see, of course, so here it is...

"laughing at the meekness"

shrieking really, at the idea
of it.

Meek, you done inherited baby,

and in your birth lost your worth.

"Head thrown back"

Legs spread for the inevitable

I chance the thought that this is where it has to

lead with nothing left that's even edible.

Posted to Write Hearted by rhbee and you can view his blog here.

This poem is striking to me because it uses meek in a much stronger sense than quiet and gentle. It's more like - easily imposed on, or submissive. It has some shocking language that draws me in and makes me feel sad for the state of people who are lost in their journey, but proud that I have been able to create somewhat healthy and balanced life for myself.

This poem also reminds me of the only F I almost got in a University course. I was taking philosophy and we had to write an essay arguing one or both sides of the abortion issue. My professor was less than pleased when I submitted my essay in the form of a very long poem. Looking back it is quite hilarious to me that I would have the nerve to do that. He snorted that he would allow me a full rewrite and I was able to avoid a failing grade.

I hope anyone and everyone feels compelled to comment with their take on my poetry or any poems sent in for word throwdowns. 8 more hours to go - Happy New Year everyone!

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rhbee said...

This is a great idea. It reminds me of the imagery games I played in one summer's workshop at Bard.

Please keep it up.