Thursday, January 13, 2011

Word throw down # 5

This challenge is about taking one small thing that you've been meaning to do and being assertive with yourself about it so you are more likely to succeed. My doctor once told me that for health and well being I should try to do some yoga every day. What I found was that by the time my day was done I had used up every spare moment and just wanted to relax in front of the TV with a cup of tea. I actually love doing yoga, so here's my poem...

My alarm is set,
thirty minutes before
my services are required
by any person
or any pet.

I've blocked the entry
to my closet.
I can't fall in
to the usual attire,
the jeans,
the sweater.

No, the ironing board
is there, I can't
get through.

Laid out for me,
the lulu lemons,
the sporty tank.
My yoga time
has come.


Jocé said...

Thanks for the timely reminder! As this cold spell sets in I've become more and more sedentary (leaving the Dixie walks to the gallant man) it's time I went back to my exercise routine. So, this is the second morning of a 15 min gentle exercise regime. I'm working up to the full thing I used to do.

I like your poem.

sandra said...

I get a strong visual feel from this poem and the simple lay-out and wording works. This poem makes me smile

sandra said...

I like the poem. I'll try to stretch with you!

rhbee said...

Take time for yoga
she said to her watch
wanting to and doing so
that's the real head scratch.