Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bulletin Board

This being my very first year to state a resolution, I have found a curious result. There can be plenty of naysayers out there. This was a complete surprise to me. Someone actually said, "if you put something on your bulletin board and you don't accomplish it, you might be tortured by it as you walk by." Well, to that I say, you have to put your dreams out there because they just may happen. Having a dream bulletin board is different than buying a pair of jeans that are too small because you hope to fit them next week. Now that would be tough! The real accomplishment for me was to CREATE the bulletin board. So I have already achieved my New Years Resolution. Now anything else positive that comes of it is just a bonus.

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Jocé said...

Congrats on an inspiring bulletin board. And congratulations on the Quilting Award -- way to go.
I think a positive attitude is more than half the battle in daily life, there's too many downers in the daily news, we need to focus on our blessings. So thanks for the nudge. Cheers.