Sunday, January 9, 2011

Word throw down # 4

Word throw down # 4 is to write a poem about letting go of something that has great meaning to you, but you know you should really let it go.

A tiger to Daddy
with triangle stripes,
a flower pot dotted
and cutely smudged,
a pastel sketch
of small yellow Mommy,
and big green Daddy
with our red round dog
in the yard, a cityscape,
a fishbowl, a butterfly
of pom poms, a digital flower,
and a junk pile car.

It was the junk pile car
that caused the distress.
It was rather large,
overly fragile,
sharp and cranky.
He wanted to keep it,
this 3D chunky tumble
for the art wall.

Every time he touched it
pieces fell off.
He glued the broken bits
and in that brief moment
of wholeness
we took a photo
for the wall.

He took his time,
came to terms,
picked it up,
it fell apart.
He said, "it's not working out,
won't stay together,
can't hang it on the art wall,"
and he tossed it in the trash.

It's staggering how a child can grow in body and mind!

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