Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Commitment to myself

I have been inspired by 5 days in a row of my self prescribed, easy morning, wii fit yoga sessions to go for the real deal and join a class. This means doing yoga in front of everyone. Well, not really because I'll go early and secure a spot at the back, but inevitably we'll be doing a move that forces us to turn around. I figure I should probably find out if I am doing the poses even remotely properly.

The last and only time I did yoga in a class was about 10 years ago while visiting friends in Penticton, BC. I was young, slim, and generally athletic, so my friend invited me along. Well, to my surprise volleyball, squash, tennis and my other favourite sports did not automatically make me instantly able to do yoga. I found it quite difficult to hold poses without shaking and completely lost my balance in front of the whole class. Back then, I was slightly mortified, but now, as seasoned as I have become in life, I'm sure I would just laugh my face off and try again. So I'm off to tighten up my buns.

Find all the real food
that you love most
and eat some of that
but not too much
every meal, every day.

Exercise your heart,
mind and body,
and be a good human
to yourself
and others.

Oh, and laugh...a lot.

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