Friday, December 31, 2010

The Edgy Philosopher

What would you do if you challenged anyone, anywhere to write a word throwdown and it was slightly edgy and provocative, but exciting and fresh? You'd post it for all to see, of course, so here it is...

"laughing at the meekness"

shrieking really, at the idea
of it.

Meek, you done inherited baby,

and in your birth lost your worth.

"Head thrown back"

Legs spread for the inevitable

I chance the thought that this is where it has to

lead with nothing left that's even edible.

Posted to Write Hearted by rhbee and you can view his blog here.

This poem is striking to me because it uses meek in a much stronger sense than quiet and gentle. It's more like - easily imposed on, or submissive. It has some shocking language that draws me in and makes me feel sad for the state of people who are lost in their journey, but proud that I have been able to create somewhat healthy and balanced life for myself.

This poem also reminds me of the only F I almost got in a University course. I was taking philosophy and we had to write an essay arguing one or both sides of the abortion issue. My professor was less than pleased when I submitted my essay in the form of a very long poem. Looking back it is quite hilarious to me that I would have the nerve to do that. He snorted that he would allow me a full rewrite and I was able to avoid a failing grade.

I hope anyone and everyone feels compelled to comment with their take on my poetry or any poems sent in for word throwdowns. 8 more hours to go - Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Word throw down # 2

Here is the second of my series of word throwdowns for those poetry enthusiasts out there.

Go to the blog of a writer that you like such as Margaret Atwood and choose any one of the latest topics that she blogs about and then work it into a short poem. Here goes...

"huge floating island of discarded plastic in the Pacific Ocean" - Margaret Atwood

Head thrown back,
the moist upper lids
of my blurring eyes widen,
as the water rushes down
in quarter cup gulps.

The popping squeeze
of the thinnest possible
plastic is so punishingly saleable
to the unconscious consumer.

Treadmilled with sweat
I slump in huge breaths
unable to down the last gulp.
My lead heavy forearm
cradles my brow in a swipe
of dripping relief.

The garbage can leers at me
laughing at the meekness
of the blue bin.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Art of Tea

My eyes settle
in the swirling steam,
cheeks aglow with warmth,
as I softly sip and savour.

The wood fired crème
caramel coloured mug,
artful and ceramic,
nestles in my palm
skin to stone.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


We floated
through the exhibit
in silence
and wonder,
looking at those lonely souls
from the inside out.

Our eyes widened
our breathing shallowed
as we thanked
our younger selves
for not smoking,
for loving vegetables.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Deck the Halls

My son was singing the most hilarious song this morning. It was a naughty kids version of Deck the Halls with lines like "throw salami at your Mommy, falalalala lalalala." But at the end of the first verse he sang, "and this last line is inappropriate, falalalala lalalala." I did the laughing so hard I squeaked thing and then forced him to give up the goods on the inappropriate line. He said it was "Tell your Daddy he's a fatty, falalalala lalalala." We were in full agreement about the naughtiness of those few words. It is amazing to me that he can sort of unconsciously be belting out a song in enjoyment at the breakfast table and then sensor the last line to avoid repercussions. Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blake Ethan Rogerson- 2 days old

Welcome to the world little one...

Wrinkles, a shudder,
the slow stretchy yawns,
cooing, a sigh,
head turning for mom,
lips yearning to suckle,
those first few loud gulps,
the drifting sensation,
eyes heavy and full.

Lazy Sunday mornings

Sweet Sundays

The sun peaks in fading
the edge of the navy
black out curtain.
The faint whimpers
of the lumbering dog
nose to door and carpet
dying to softly awaken us,
yet not induce a scolding.
The turning creak of a child's
raised bunk as he
slowly awakens to the notion
of goofy cartoons
adventure video games
and a lazy breakfast.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Word throw down #1

Take a few words from a family member and write a poem. Short and sweet, a small task but inspiring.

Holiday words from Robert: food, present, tree, and fire place.

The bone chilling breeze
across my neck lifted
my eyes to the fire place.
It carried the sharp scent
of clove stuffed oranges
and delicate pine needles
starved of water.
The boughs aimed down
cloaking the presents
seeming greenly alive
though killed
for these two weeks.
The food suddenly seemed

Welcome Writers!

Writing for me is a journey of my own truth, whimsy, inspiration and wonder.
A writer should write every day.
Write from your heart.
Write what you know.
If it flows too easily it may not be true.
I love to play with words, share inspirations and learn to write with more truth, imagination and clarity every day.
Please follow along if you love poetry, short stories, fiction, story telling and inspirations of written word.