Monday, February 21, 2011

The Adorable Neatnick

I guess I'll start off by explaining this word "neatnick." I have been using this word my entire life, as has my mother, referring to a person who has a propensity for keeping organized and is generally "well unto her household ways," quoting poet Edna Jacques. I always felt my grandmother, whom I affectionately called Tutu, was a neatnick. And to have a nice memory of her at this moment is serendipitous as today was her birthday. So to call my son an adorable neatnick just seems natural at this moment. I certainly hope he takes after Tutu in many ways. When it comes to his toys we have simple rules that help him keep the mess under control and, at least, off the floor to prevent theft and chewing by our dog. But when I happened by his desk and toy area yesterday I had quite a pleasant surprise. Not only was it clean and tidy, but it was impeccably organized down to each little star wars figure and zombie finger puppet poised and about to wage war.

Here is a wonderful photo of Tutu with my son a few years ago before she passed away. She would have been 86 years old today. Miss you, love you Tutu. Happy Birthday.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Word throw down # 8

There's not enough time in the day. If that's not a famous quote, then it probably should be. Today's word throw down is not about making your day less busy, but about bringing a sense of calmness to your crazy life. The challenge is to find a block of time when you can be absolutely alone. It could be ten minutes. It could be one hour. No phone, no TV, no games. Just a pencil and paper or a blank page on your screen waiting to be filled with a poem. Write a small poem on what "Alone" means to you.

By One's Lonesome

Alone for me
brings such a deep
and resounding feeling
of being loved,
among friends.

Alone for me
brings solace
and comfort in thoughts
of my path,
of who I am,
who I am here for.

Alone for me
brings creation
and vision
spilling courage
from my hands
and my core.

Alone for me
brings a swell
of elation
as you return
and my eyes
bear your charm.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yoga update

Here's an update on my commitment to myself. Just writing those words makes me think of the song "Hazard to Myself" by Pink because it is so applicable to my awkward yoga moves. But, I have been doing yoga daily for almost 3 weeks now. The instructor at my first class took one look at my mat, laughed at its 80s style poofiness and directed me towards the "real" yoga mats. At home I either do my Wii fit yoga, or practice the moves from class. It's pretty straight forward actually and it makes me feel great.

Besides that, I've been enjoying all of the attention from my dog, Oliver. Yoga seems to make him a little bit jealous for some reason. He can't stand that I am following the poses on TV and paying no attention to him whatsoever. It is the most adorable thing because, since we got him 8 years ago, he has been such a daddy's dog. Now he prances around me, nudges me off balance, whines and sometimes even barks. He lies down right on my mat between my legs and arms to make the yoga pose a real downward dog. I haven't had this much attention from him for ages and I love it. Sometimes I just have to collapse on him and give him snuggles. My next word throw down might just have something to do with our adorable Ollie.