Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome Writers!

Writing for me is a journey of my own truth, whimsy, inspiration and wonder.
A writer should write every day.
Write from your heart.
Write what you know.
If it flows too easily it may not be true.
I love to play with words, share inspirations and learn to write with more truth, imagination and clarity every day.
Please follow along if you love poetry, short stories, fiction, story telling and inspirations of written word.


Dad said...

My Daughters

Daughters are little girls who
grow up to be your friend.

Daughters are Angels who help
you fly when your wings just
don't seem to work right.

Daughters are the sunshine you
need on those difficult cloudy days.

Daughters are your litte Angels
no matter how much they grow up.

A daughter reaches for your hand
and touches your heart.

My Daughter,my friend,my Angel.
I am what I am because of your Love.
Thanks for being you.

I will always be with you...Love Dad

Brandy Lynn said...

Ahhh, thanks Dad. Love you so much! Two more days to go until you are home! I can't wait to hold you in my arms.

David said...

A dreamer looks beyond the limits of today, to the possibilities of tomorrow and can see what can be instead of settling for what is.
A dreamer imagines the most wonderful new things and then finds a way to make them real.
A dreamer knows that stars were made to wish upon, and that wishes do come true.
Follow your heart, and your dreams will never be far behind.

David said...

Where Chesil beach starts, my heart is,
Retained ever in me with care,
Remembering the force of your power,
Of battering storms raging there.

The tremendous risk of my being,
Withstanding those tempests alone,
Still wakens a something within me,
A dimension to others unknown.

Is memory testing my courage,
Of visions when only a kid?
Oh no: I have not forgotten
The beach where my heart was..and is.
David In a homesick moment