Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Numbed Silent

I didn't know I was such a terrible chatterbox until I realized this morning that my husband was thrilled and unable to stop laughing at me because I could barely speak with my mouth frozen after my morning dentist appt. I was feeling sorry for myself, well not really, but I imagined I was entitled to some pudding after all those needles. (7 in total because I don't freeze easily). So I cracked open a portable mini pudding, took in the delicious vanilla scent, and shoved a massive spoonful into my mouth. Not having any muscle control, or I realized, functioning taste buds, it was a choking, slobbery, tasteless mess and I placed it back in the fridge to try again later. I've gradually lost the numbness and snacked it up all afternoon. Wait 'til my husband gets home...I'm going to talk his ear off.

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